Posted in April 2012

May Garden Schedule for Queens

In May planting begins in earnest. Your tools should be well cleaned and oiled, ready for use. Remove any heavy winter mulch you have laid down to allow the soil to warm up (but keep some stored in case you need it). You should allow your seedlings to harden off now. Set them outdoors for … Continue reading

Things to do with recycled light bulbs

Reblogged from sweetfancydesigns One thing the people don’t usually think to recycle is light bulbs. I’ve seen some amazing ideas that people have come up with for reusing them though, and these are some of my favorites. Light Bulb Spice Rack I think that this is such a brilliant idea. The metal portion of the light … Continue reading

The best time to plant a tree

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now” ~ Lao Tzu I’ve literally undertaken to this wise Chinese proverb which obviously has a deeper philosophical meaning. I’m deeply troubled by the rampant destruction of forests world-wide and wanted to do my bit to help plant more … Continue reading

What’s happening this week -Green Shores NYC

Here is What’s Happening This Week: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25th: Queens Green Drinks 6-8pm Pachanga Patterson 33-17 31 Ave Astoria, Queens This month’s Queens Green Drinks is sponsored by ETHIKUS! Ethikus is a brand new group working to help you discover local stores and restaurants that support community, employees and the environment. Come meet them and … Continue reading