Things to do with recycled light bulbs

Reblogged from sweetfancydesigns

One thing the people don’t usually think to recycle is light bulbs. I’ve seen some amazing ideas that people have come up with for reusing them though, and these are some of my favorites.

Light Bulb Spice Rack

I think that this is such a brilliant idea. The metal portion of the light bulb is removed, and replaced with a cork for containing spices. This makes for a simple and minimalist approach to create an eco friendly and elegant kitchen necessity.

Light Bulb Balloons

These light bulbs are actually custom made functional light bulbs (without an available online source, unfortunately) but they could just as easily be a recycled product used for decor. Light bulbs are the perfect shape for creating tiny hot air balloons!

Custom Light Bulb Lamp Shade

Bulbs Unlimited Sells kits for making your own lamp shades made of used light bulbs. They all actually look like high-end designer fashion for your home, except better because you’re also doing the planet a huge favor. Use different types of bulbs to create different visual effects.

Light Bulb Vases

These light bulb vases aren’t as effortless as they may look, but who could argue with the end result? Head over to The Artsy Girl for a full tutorial.

Light Bulb Fish Tank

This one is just concept art rather than a finished project, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t make a little home for your aquatic friends with an old bulb. Just be sure to remove the electrical components!

Light Bulb Terrarium

A light bulb would be the perfect vessel to create a tiny terrarium. Find basic instructions for making your own via Threadbangers (Video tutorial)


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