APEC Annual event

June 14

Sustainability and YOU: Meet and Greet with the Big Green Bus

What do worm composting, solar panels, bamboo countertops, and an engine that runs on waste vegetable oil have in common?

You can find all of these wonderful things at Alley Pond Environmental Center on June 14th!

Join APEC on Thursday, June 14th from 7-8 PM as we host the 2012 Big Green Bus crew from Dartmouth College. This entirely student-run nonprofit is designed to inspire Americans through dialogue and example to become more environmentally sustainable.

This summer thirteen Dartmouth College students will be traveling on a bus converted to run on waste vegetable oil, visiting communities across the United States to engage the public in discussions about environmental responsibility, the viability of alternative fuels, and tangible solutions to local and global energy issues. The Big Green Bus is an interactive display of healthy, eco-friendly living, and the students are striving to educate and learn from communities on issues of reducing consumption, recycling, energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy, and sustainable food choices.

Through a collaborative effort coordinated by American By-Products Recyclers LLC and the Courtyard by Marriott at JFK, waste vegetable oil is being donated by various Queens businesses to be collected and delivered to the Dartmouth Big Green Bus during it’s stop at the Alley Pond Environmental Center. Come see the oil transfer to the bus!



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