NYC Compost or Mulch Request Form for NYC Street Trees

to get form
Use this form to request small quantities of NYC compost or mulch to improve the soil in NYC street tree beds.

Persons requesting DSNY compost or mulch must be able to pick up and physically load the material from one of the DSNY compost and mulch distribution locations. Details regarding these locations will be supplied after the form has been submitted.

Each bag of compost weighs approximately 40 pounds and each bag of mulch weighs approximately 30 pounds.

All trees receiving compost or mulch must agree to display the official NYC Compost or Mulch tree bed sign (which will be distributed with the compost or mulch).

Requests for DSNY compost or mulch for trees located on private property will be rejected.

City agencies and nonprofits interested in picking up large quantities of compost or mulch should visit What Happens to NYC Compost.

NOTE: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. You must provide photos of the tree bed(s) along with the form.

Requestor Information
First Name*
Last Name*
Email Address*
Phone* Ext.
Phone Type
We have permission to tend this/these tree bed(s)*
The following organization granted us permission to tend this/these tree bed(s)
Tree Information
Only three tree beds per request form.
Number of trees needing compost/mulch*
Street Name*
Closest building number*
Cross Streets*
Zip Code*
Please include any other relevant information
Please describe existing conditions in the given tree bed(s).
Check all that apply.*
Bricks, grates, or other covering
Depleted mulch
Dry soil
Exposed roots
Flowers or other plantings
Hard or compacted soil

(please explain)
NYC Compost/Mulch Needed
To the best of your ability, please estimate the amount of compost or mulch needed for the trees indicated above. Compost quantity indicated below is based on incorporating 2″ of compost per square foot of tree bed. Mulch quantity is based on applying 3″ of mulch per square foot of tree bed. Please do not request more material than you can process. Requests should not exceed a total of 30 bags.
Tree Pit Size Bags of Compost Recommended Bags of Mulch Recommended
4’x4’ 4 4
5’x4’ 4 5
5’x5’ 5 6
4’x10’ 9 10
5’x10’ 11 12
If your tree bed is a different size than those listed below, see Calculating Quantity of Compost Needed for Trees for guidance on determining the amount of compost your tree bed needs. View the How Much Mulch Do I Need page for direction on calculating mulch quantities.
Number of 40 lbs bags of NYC Compost needed
Number of 30 lbs bags of NYC Mulch needed
Tree Care Experience
Please check the program you’re most closely affiliated with.*
NYC Compost Project Master Composter Certificate Course
TreesNY Citizen Pruner program
Million TreesNYC Tree Steward program
Partnership for Parks Tree Care Stewardship program
Water Resources Group
Block Association
(please provide the name your block association)
(please explain)

Attach Existing Tree Photos
You must provide at least one photo (“.jpg” files only) of each tree for which you are requesting NYC Compost and/or Mulch. The total size of the files uploaded must not exceed 3 MB. In order for your file(s) to be uploaded, you must click the Submit button below.

By uploading these photos, you agree that the City may use the content within for whatever purposes it sees fit. The City cannot return or delete files that you did not intend to submit, even if those files are personal in nature. Individuals who submit offensive or harassing files not related to City business may be liable for violations of law.
Please carefully review the information that you have entered before hitting the submit button. Please do not submit the same message more than once; doing so may delay processing.

Thank you!


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